The Motion Awards
by Motionographer


Within the awards landscape there are a lot of animation awards, and countless design awards, but nobody was getting motion design right. As the online thought leader in all things motion design, Motionographer recognized the need for a definitive showcase for the best motion design in the world.


We helped focus the power and reputation of Motionographer through the lens of critical evaluation to develop an awards program that could be a true and covet-able honor while retaining the inclusive nature of the Motionographer community as a whole.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

UX + Visual Design
Promotional Design
Trophy Concepting

Script Editing
Sound Design

The Inspiration —
As an online showcase for the best work in the industry, our identity needed to suggest motion while having the right level of elegance and gravitas without getting in the way of the work it celebrates. We were inspired by the warm neutral materials and minimal geometry of a gallery space and the conept of framing as away to elevate without intrustion.

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