The Unisphere—
The World’s First Net-Zero Building

United Therapeutics built the world’s largest, most intelligent sustainable building and called it the Unisphere – a feat of design and engineering.

Showcase the complex net-zero ecosystem at play within the building and remind employees and visitors of their place within this unique system.

Hush Design Summary


As a companion piece to the interactive installations that Hush was creating, we worked with Hush to develop the 21 large-scale environmental graphics and 7 playful videos that bring the voice of the building to life on it’s very walls.

We developed a graphic language of icons and symbols that give visual form to the sustainable systems that work seamlessly and autonomously throughout The Unisphere. They are minimal and spare yet warm and inviting—a bit of playfulness underscores every decision made.

United Therapuetics
Hush Design

Environmental Graphics
Infographic Design

Motion Design

These walls can talk —

8 large-scale environmental infographics tell the overview story of the building’s 8 main systems and processes. The graphics are warm and approachable—never too high-minded or technical.

13 panel walls take deep dives into specific elements of the building’s mechanics without getting too far into the weeds.

Moving Miniatures —

Our videos build on the simple, playful tone of the the environmental graphics by bringing the icon language to life in 3D and with a whimsical take on the building’s personality.

These short vignettes play on loops throughout the buildings halls and elevators.

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